Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Every Monday

The Rockstone Open Mic

open mic

Every Monday at The Rockstone we will be hosting our open mic.

Showcasing some of Southampton's best talent this is one night you don't want to miss!

Hosted by the powerful and sexy, Alex Cope and Max Bakker.

April 18th, 19th, 20th

& 21st

Easter Ale Festival

rockstar easter ale2014 web


Award-winning Powerhouses
The Shooting Star and The Rockstone
in Bevois Valley combine forces to bring the people of Southampton an Easter extravaganza of Real Ale, Cider, Music and Excellent Food.

Good Friday 18th April to Bank Holiday Monday 21st April 2014.

April 25th & 27th



How do you like, THEM apples?!

It's soon to be time for another fantastic party at The Rockstone, and this time it's cowboy themed, so it's EVEN EASIER to dress up for.

Come dressed as cowboys, sheriffs, Kid Rock, Earl Hickey or any kind of hilarious American and join the fun.

As usual we shall be putting on a host of live music for your listening pleasure and supplying food to all the hungry ranchers.

Hope to see you all there and let the hoedown commence!Featuring the garden bar supplying a range of wonderful ciders, perries, ginger beers, lemonades and many more!

June 27th, 28th, 29th

90's American Teen Movie Party


With live bands, red solo cups, keggers, wallet chains, blue trainers and baggy jeans.

28th June, live music from Just Like Giants, Southampton Pop Punk and Dukes of Tavern, with their new irreverent take on 90's Pop Culture.

Outside bar featuring crap 90's cocktails, cans of Budweiser, Rolling Rockstone Ale and many more!

July 25th, 26th & 27th



Caribbean Themed and Rum Tasting Beach Party GAR!!!!!!

We shall be having a pirate themed beach party and Caribbean Jerk fest.

From 6pm on Friday we shall be firing up the pizza oven, flinging open the doors and slapping on the jerked meats.

There will be an array of different foods:
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Beef
Jerk Pork

There's no meat we can't jerk!

In accompaniment we will be offering a range of vegetarian dishes and side dishes of a Caribbean or Pirate theme.

Plus our Garden RUM BAR will be open, displaying and serving a wide selection of rums and liquors from around the world!


August 29th, 30th & 31st



Local boys Sunny Republic Brewery of "Sharks Head Lager" fame will be hosting a 3 day beach party for the Bank Holiday weekend at The Rockstone!

Featuring outside bar with ales and ciders, our home-built wood-fired pizza oven with new selection of pizzas and of course SHARK HEAD LAGER!

September 26th 27th 28th

Whiskey, Bourbon and Blues weekend


It's soon to be time for another fantastic party at The Rockstone, and this time it's blues and whisky time!

Featuring a new and improved range of awesome whiskies, with tasting notes and serving suggestions.

With a selection of Blues and Rockabilly acts from all over the South of England playing their little hearts out for your pleasure.

Featuring the garden bar supplying a range of wonderful range of Whiskys, bourbons and cocktails!

October 30th, 31st and 
1st of November



The Rockstone's favourite dark ale and German beer festival!

Pizza oven all weekend, and some of Britains' best stouts, ruby, and wheat beers.

All served up with hearty bavarian cheer and some great live music.

November 28th, 29th & 30th 

3rd Anniversary


Come and celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with us at the Rockstone!

Complete with garden bar cocktails, pizza oven, and live music!

And of course BEARD FEST on the friday night.

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Bookings & Events

Please contact us today on 02380 637 256 or by using the email form on our contact page .

If you have a specific requirement please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate any requests.

We do not take bookings on Monday Quiz Nights as we operate a "first come, first served policy."

Maximum booking size Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 20 people, latest time 7.30pm.

Maximum booking size Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 people, latest time 7.30pm

Tables over 10 may experience some delays in service as we have a very small kitchen, but we will go as fast as we can.

An excellent selection of fine wines, spirits, and cask ales are available all day every day, however if you would like to Pre-order any bottles of bubbly for your special occasion please request prices at time of booking.

Whats On

Monday: Open Mic Night
Showcasing some of Southampton's best talent this is one night you don't want to miss!

Be Excellent To Each Other

Saturday & Sunday:
Hey its a the weekend come and have a relaxing meal!
Full menu & fresh caught fish specials!

Please book in advance to avoid dissapointment.