Monday, April 27, 2015

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, or would like to know what allergens may be present in each of our menu items, please let your server know upon placing your order. 

We take every precaution to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order.
We do, however, work in a small kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and do not have a specific allergen free zone within this space.

We have Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free alternatives for many of our dishes.
All food is homemade and locally sourced wherever possible and always cooked to order.
All our fish is taken from MSC certified sustainable sources.
Keep an eye out for the black boards for a list of our daily specials,prepared with love, inspiration and care/rage.
Please bear with us during busy times, as delays are inevitable.

Light Bites and Starters


Get Rich or Thai Tryin’:£5.95

Thai-style salt and pepper squid, served with a drizzle of lemongrass, oyster sauce and balsamic vinegar reduction.

For Whom the Portobello Tolls (v):£4.95

Deep-fried Portobello mushroom chips in Cajun spiced batter. Served with a pepper lemon mayo dip.

Seoul Food£3.95

Mini Korean-style BBQ pork skewers, marinated in a sweet soy, mirin and ginger sauce. Served with a salad garnish.

RFC Rockstone Fried Chicken:£5.95

Deep-fried Hampshire three-joint chicken wings dusted in our secret RFC seasoning. Served with Rockstone BBQ sauce.

Coco B. Ware (ve):£3.95

Tom Kha - classic Thai coconut soup. Ours is a special vegan-friendly version made with butternut squash, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and shallots.

Satay Classy San Diego:£5.95

Chargrilled chicken skewers coated in creamy peanut satay. Served with a salad garnish.

Family Heirloom (v):£5.95

Toasted ciabatta topped with ricotta cheese and heirloom tomatoes roasted in olive oil and herbs.

Chicken' Lickin':6.95

Deep-fried chicken breast strips in a bubbly Cajun spiced batter. Served with Rockstone BBQ sauce.

Wings of Fire:5.95

Hampshire 3-joint chicken wings chargrilled in a fiery chilli and mustard marinade. Served with a sour cream dip.

Highway to Halloumi (v):£3.95

Starter salad of fried halloumi, mixed leaves and sunflower seeds drizzled in balsamic reduction and lemon juice.